Skincare and Men’s Health: A Focus on Niacinamide

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In the realm of men’s health, skincare often takes a backseat despite its crucial role in overall wellbeing. However, with this month marking Men’s Health Month in Australia, it’s essential to highlight how skincare—especially products rich in niacinamide like SolarCareB3—can support sun-damaged skin and enhance men’s health effectively and simply.


Skin Vs. Sun

Sun exposure remains a major cause of premature ageing and skin damage, with UV rays penetrating the skin and causing oxidative stress, inflammation and DNA damage. Over time, this can lead to wrinkles, uneven skin tone and, in severe cases, skin cancer.

Traditionally, women have been more proactive in addressing these risks, probably because of better education about skincare and sun protection in general. However, research indicates that men are equally susceptible to UV damage, if not more so due to structural differences in their skin, such as thicker dermal layers with less subcutaneous fat and variations in collagen and elastin. That’s why it’s important for men to make an effort with skincare and sun protection, even if they have no time or inclination to do so. Thankfully, we’ve got the answer for men who prefer the no fuss approach to caring for their skin.


Niacinamide: Your Skincare Hero

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, stands out as a powerhouse ingredient in skincare due to its multifaceted benefits. Unlike other actives, niacinamide offers multiple benefits in one product, making it a versatile all-in-one ingredient. Here’s what niacinamide can do:

  • Improves Skin Tone: Reduces the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and redness by inhibiting melanin transfer, resulting in a more even complexion.
  • Enhances Skin Texture: Boosts collagen production and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and rough patches for a firmer texture.
  • Increases Moisture Levels: Enhances the skin’s lipid barrier, improving hydration without causing greasiness for all for all skin types.
  • Regulates Sebum Production: Controls oil production, minimising pore size and preventing acne formation.
  • Protects Against Environmental Damage: Acts as an antioxidant, neutralising free radicals from UV radiation and pollutants, thereby preventing premature ageing and environmental damage.


How to Use Niacinamide

For men looking to simplify their skincare routine, Bernier Pharmaceuticals’ SolarCareB3 offers efficacy without complexity. Our products cater to multiple needs, allowing for a streamlined regimen—such as a simple cleanse, moisturise and SPF application—while achieving comprehensive skincare benefits. Here are some of our standout SolarCareB3 products:

  • SolarCareB3: The original formula features 5% niacinamide and essential moisturising factors for use on the face and body. Available in 100ml and 500ml sizes.
  • Intensive B3: This product contains the niacinamide concentration (10%) for intense sun damage support and is ideal for areas like the face, chest, hands and bald heads. Available in 50ml and 200ml sizes.
  • Super B3 Serum: Lightweight yet potent, this serum combines 10% niacinamide with 2.3% hyaluronic acid and superoxide dismutase. This is an excellent choice for men who already have a favourite moisturiser or simply want some sun damage support to go underneath their sunscreen.
  • Moisturiser with SPF 15: This moisturiser blends 5% niacinamide with broad-spectrum SPF 15, offering sun damage protection with sun-damage support. This is suitable for cooler months and low UV environments.
  • B3 Lip: This lip ointment is enriched with 5% niacinamide and Australian pawpaw to soothe and protect sun-damaged lips. It can also be used on rough patches of skin, cuticles and more.


Real Life Results

SolarCareB3 has a decade-long track record of improving skin tone and texture across various ages and genders. Here are real-life results from some of our male SolarCareB3 clients.

Before and after image of a man using niacinamide for sun damage consistently for three months.

Before and after image of a man using niacinamide for sun damage consistently for three months.

Before and after image of a man using niacinamide for sun damage consistently for three months.


Conclusion: Empowering Men in Skincare

This Men’s Health Month, let’s encourage men to prioritise skincare. With scientifically-backed products like SolarCareB3, integrating niacinamide into daily routines enhances appearance and safeguards against long-term sun damage effects.

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