Twin Pack: SolarCareB3 Super B3 Serum

AU$112.95 inc. GST

Stock up and save with a twin pack of SolarCareB3 Super B3 Serum — a powerful and versatile serum formulated with Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), 2.3% Hyaluronic Acid Complex and the potent antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase.

With a focus on sun-damage, hydration and oxidative protection, Super B3 Serum is a lightweight formulation that may help reduce the appearance of sun-damage, fine lines and discolouration while giving the skin a plump and healthy appearance.

Super B3 Serum can be easily incorporated into an existing skin care routine and should be applied to the face, neck, decolletage and on the back of hands morning and night. Follow with your favourite SolarCareB3 moisturiser and SPF for daytime use.

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Vitamin B3: A well-researched and well-tolerated ingredient that may help reduce the appearance of sun-damage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A moisture-loving molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.
  • Superoxide Dismutase: An antioxidant that can break down potentially harmful molecules and may protect your skin’s DNA from more sun-damage.

SolarCareB3 Super B3 Serum Ingredients

Niacinamide 10% (Vitamin B3)
Sodium Hyalonurate
Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid
Pentylene Glycol
Super Oxide Dismutase
Benzoic Acid
Dehydroacetic Acid


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