Niacinamide and Anti-Ageing: An Unexpected Ally for Timeless Skin

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Ageing is a natural and normal experience. Simply put, it is the deterioration of our bodies over time. And while everyone ages differently, skin-related ageing is marked by similar issues for everyone and includes things like thinning, sagging, wrinkles, dark patches, spots, redness and dryness.

Here at Bernier Pharmaceuticals, we make niacinamide-based products for sun-damaged skin. But niacinamide is useful for so much more. It may not be the first ingredient you think of in terms of anti-ageing, but it can be a powerful tool in combatting it. Here’s why:


  1. Improves Hydration

Dry skin has a tendency to highlight fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your complexion looking dull. Inadequate hydration also has a detrimental impact on elastin — a crucial protein found in connective tissue that helps skin retain its shape. Fortunately, niacinamide kickstarts the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which are essential components for a resilient skin barrier. This process leads to plumper skin and a more vibrant complexion. (For more information on the moisture barrier, you can read further here.)


  1. Boosts Collagen

Fine lines and wrinkles, the unwelcome signs of ageing, can be disheartening. But niacinamide steps in by promoting collagen production – a superhero protein (along with elastin) that is crucial for skin elasticity. Engaging fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production, niacinamide encourages these cells to accelerate the synthesis of collagen fibres. This can result in a plumper and smoother complexion that may improve the appearance of ageing.


  1. Improves Complexion

Age spots, sun spots and uneven pigmentation often accompany the ageing process. Niacinamide acts as a complexion revitaliser by brightening the skin and promoting an even tone. It does this by hindering pigment transfer within the skin, preventing the formation of dark spots. Additionally, it puts a damper on melanin production, the pigment determining skin colour, that can lead to a brighter and more uniform skin tone.


  1. Reduces Redness

As the skin ages, it may be prone to increased redness and inflammation. The natural decline in collagen and elasticity, along with a weakened skin barrier and cumulative UV exposure can make the skin more susceptible to environmental stressors, leading to irritation and redness. Additionally, age-related changes in microcirculation and the fragility of blood vessels can impact blood flow, potentially resulting in visible redness. While not everyone will experience heightened redness with ageing, niacinamide can help address these concerns by intervening at the molecular level. It does this by curbing the activity of inflammatory mediators.


  1. Plays Well With Others

While niacinamide might not take the spotlight like retinol in the anti-ageing arena, it’s an excellent team player. It works well with most products and is suitable for most skin types, meaning it can seamlessly integrate into your skincare routine alongside retinol, peptides or other active ingredients. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset, allowing you to tailor your skincare regimen to address specific concerns effectively. On the flip side, its versatility might tempt you to simplify your entire skincare routine to a single active ingredient, just like Angela S, a devoted SolarCareB3 convert.


A review of SolarCareB3, skincare products for sun-damaged skin


A Parting Thought

In the pursuit of timeless beauty, its important to acknowledge that ageing is a privilege not granted to all. We at Bernier Pharmaceuticals aren’t in the business of pushing against the passage of time, but do want to help people avoid premature signs of aging – particularly in regions such as Australia and New Zealand, where sun-damage (and in turn, premature ageing) occurs at heightened rates. Our flagship line, SolarCareB3, is about cultivating confidence and sustaining skin health so if you’re looking for gentle yet powerful products to add to your skincare regime, head to our online store or get in touch for personalised product recommendations.

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