A Note from Our CEO: On Packaging

At Bernier Pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. It’s how SolarCareB3 came to be—the result of your demand for a niacinamide-rich, all-over body moisturiser that effectively addresses sun damage. Since then, every product innovation has stemmed from your feedback, and that’s something we deeply value.


Addressing Your Concerns

Recently, some of you have shared concerns about our 500ml pump bottle, and we’ve heard you loud and clear. While it’s our best seller, a few customers have experienced difficulty reaching the bottom of the container, which is far from ideal. Even though these occurrences are limited, each one matters to us. We want everyone to feel completely satisfied with their purchase and believe they’re getting excellent value for their money.


Challenges and Solutions

We’re taking your feedback seriously and actively exploring solutions. However, one of the challenges we face is that the majority of pump components worldwide originate from China and are of similar quality. Despite changing suppliers, the core issue persists. We considered altering the formula to improve flow, but our customers love SolarCareB3 just the way it is, so that’s not an option we’re pursuing. Another consideration was offering SolarCareB3 in a tub format. However, this presents challenges because it requires daily contact with the product using fingers, necessitating a higher quantity of preservatives to maintain its integrity until the last use—and would also mean reformulating the product.


One idea under serious consideration is transitioning to airless pump bottles, similar to those used for our 100ml and SolarCareB3 Intensive products, which effectively eliminate wastage. We’re also experimenting with different bottle shapes and designs.


Practical Tips While We Work

While we work through solutions, here’s a helpful tip: Instead of cutting open the bottle, which risks both safety and product hygiene, try removing the pump and replacing it with a standard bottle cap from a water or soft drink bottle. By storing the bottle upside down, you can gradually use up the remaining product. This method has been tested and proven effective by members of our own team, including my wife, who has been a loyal user of our products for years.


We acknowledge this isn’t a perfect fix, but rest assured, we’re actively pursuing a more permanent solution. While it’s premature to share specifics, we’re optimistic about the progress we’re making. For updates on our efforts and forthcoming solutions, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your invaluable feedback.


Warm regards,

Doug Kelly 

Chief Executive Officer

Bernier Pharmaceuticals

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